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The Iona Cabin #1 - Is over 140 years old! This one room magical fairyland cabin sits in the heart of Tizer Botanic Gardens, in the elbow of Prickly Pear Creek. Snuggle up to the original cook stove, or hang outside and watch the stars while sitting by the fire. Lay in bed and listen to the sound of the rippling creek or better yet sit at the creek and pan for gold. There was no indoor pluming 100 plus years ago and still isn't. But we have added a great restroom with a composting toilet, separate from the cabins. Iona Cabin has a small refrigerator, microwave, coffee machine and toaster. Please come prepared as though you having a picnic. Bring your own dishes, utensils, food and beverages.
The 7/11 Cabin #2 - Is only big enough for a double bed. Cabin #2 sits in the middle of the creek over a lovely little island. you can almost lie in bed and throw your fishing pole in the creek. It has a wonderful living roof! The 7/11 cabin was built as a sleeping cabin and that is what it is, with room enough only for a double bed and a night table. therefore we rent this cabin as an extra addition to the Iona Cabin if you should need an extra bed.


38 Tizer Road
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